Never fumble for your
mobile phone again.

No need to retrieve your phone from your purse or backpack. Bluetooth-enabled Pinn clips anywhere… and its easy-to-read LED display and powerful combined microphone/earbud keep you always-connected to your mobile phone’s key features.

Say goodbye to phone frustration.

Your phone rings…but you can’t find it. Then you can’t find your earbuds. By the time you get your act together, you lose the call.

Pinn solves all these problems by eliminating three common questions every time your phone rings:

  • Where’s my phone?
  • Who’s calling me?
  • Why is my earphone tangled again?

The first go-anywhere, do-anything,
instant access mobile phone clip.

MyPinn Detail
Pinn combines the key features of your mobile phone and earbuds into a single, go-anywhere clip.

You’ll know where your phone is.

Pinn can clip to anything you want: your jacket lapel, purse strap, backpack, wristband, and more. It’s always within easy reach.

You’ll know who’s calling.

Pinn’s LED display makes it easy to see who’s calling, even if you’re on the go or have your hands full. And you can read and respond to text messages as well.

You can answer instantly.

Just pull the earbud out of Pinn’s clip and start talking. Your caller won’t miss a word.

Pinn works with you anytime, anywhere.

Pinn frees you to do whatever you want while keeping you easily accessible by phone. Whether you’re in an important meeting, running to catch a bus, or riding a bike, Pinn keeps you connected to your mobile phone.

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About Us

Pinn, Inc. was founded in 2015 with a vision to design and develop wearable technology that enhances the smartphone experience and eliminates frustrating phone problems like trying to find your phone quickly to get a call. Our first generation wearable product gives consumers an easier way of using the smartphone by providing a clip device that is light, multi-functional and accessible.

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